Foothill Delivers the Goods at New York Licensing Show

June 8, 2004

(New York-June 8) Foothill Entertainment, Inc. ships to the 2004 New York Licensing Show a bag full of new projects from the creative team at phuuz entertainment inc. Intended to appeal to the 'tween and 'teen audience, Special Delivery and Kid Kaiju bring a fresh multi-media approach to Foothill programming.

Once in awhile, a package defies the Laws of Standard Delivery: it may be oversized, dead, alive, smelly, who knows?! The Special Delivery team of rogue delivery personnel is here to get the job done. This action-packed boys animated series (26 x 25') follows the trials and tribulations of this unlikely "family" of six seriously whacked out players as they cause disorder and chaos as they dispense unlikely packages around the world. Don't forget, when FedEx becomes "fed-up" and UPS gets down, there's only one company willing to get the job done: Special Delivery. phuuz has also developed the property for the videogame and licensing markets.

Foothill is also bringing to New York phuuz's futuristic boys' action property, Kid Kaiju. Alex Takuma was just a normal boy in a not-so-normal world ... a world where giant monsters attacking cities and alien invasions are commonplace. Alex dreamed of one day becoming a Galactic Monster Patrol member when, incredibly an alien device fell from the sky and struck Alex, causing a massive explosion. To save the boy, the GMP integrated Alex's body with an advanced technology Kaiju-Go suit which gives him unheard of powers. In this action-packed animated series (26 x 25'), Alex has become Kid Kaiju, battling evil aliens along with his hero, Joe Strong. Through kindness, understanding and teamwork, Alex will prove himself a hero time and time again, saving the Earth and changing the world forever.

These exciting properties are recent additions to the exciting phuuz portfolio which already includes the action packed Boxing Bobbies and Boy and the thrilling Vessels, both of which debuted this spring in Cannes.

phuuz was formed by Emmy Award-winning Producer/Director, Eric Radomski, former Production VP at Warner Bros. Animation, Ken Duer, and former VP/GM for LEVEL13.NET (Film Roman's Internet entertainment site), Jay Francis.

Founded in September 2000 by former DIC Entertainment Executive VP of Business and Legal Affairs, Gregory Payne and Jo Kavanagh-Payne, former Link Television Entertainment, Inc Senior Vice President of U.S. operations, Foothill specializes in the co-development and distribution of children's and family entertainment programming. Their company is based in Santa Barbara, California.

Jo Kavanagh Payne
Gregory B Payne
Cell: 805. 637.6054
Contact Details at Show: Novotel Hotel
Tel: 212. 315.0100
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