Foothill Entertainment Inc. | Foothill Entertainment, Inc., run by Gregory Payne and Jo Kavanagh-Payne, provide specialist knowledge in the area of co-development and international distribution, particularly in Europe.† As well as raising financing through co-production, distribution advances and pre-sales in the major territories, Foothill also provides its clients legal counsel as well as playing a major part in program development and business/financial structuring.
Sarbakan | Sarbakan is a digital creation studio specializing in development and exploitation of world-class animated properties. Its original productions distributed in over 15 countries and in multiple languages, register over 100,000 hours of Internet game play every month. Sarbakanís innovative properties are as ideally suited to television as they are to interactive media.
Dental Circus | Dental Circus provides interactive music, background theme music, and custom film scoring for animation and other film developments. Dental Circus has an extensive catalogue of music which it is able to custom fit during production time to enhance mood.