Award-Winning Animation Veterans Form New Venture

November 1, 2003
phuuz entertainment Principals Eric Radomski, Ken Duer, and Jay Francis Cater to the Tastes of Tomorrow's Demanding Audience With Help of Evolving Technologies

Three award-winning veterans of the animation industry have joined forces to form a new media company, phuuz entertainment inc. Co-founders of this new enterprise are Emmy Award winning producer/director and former Executive Creative Director at Film Roman, Eric Radomski, former production VP at Warner Bros. Animation, Ken Duer, and former VP/General Manager for LEVEL13.NET (Film Roman's Internet entertainment site), Jay Francis.

phuuz will develop original properties for new media (video and computer games, wireless technologies, DVD, internet), traditional media (television, film, comic books/graphic novels), and other ancillary markets (toys, fashion, advertising, music) as well as utilize new media platforms to maximize franchising and distribution opportunities. According to Radomski, "There is no escaping the essential truth that today's audience, especially the young audience, has changed ... they are a generation raised on computers, videogames, and the Internet. We are convinced that the manner and format we employ to tell our stories have to be in sync with the way the audience is requesting their content be delivered. We intend to cater to their voracious appetites for bold, arresting, and entertaining stories."

The new studio hits the ground running with an impressive client roster that includes Pioneer Entertainment USA, MTV, Japanese network broadcaster TV Asahi, Japanese game producer Banpresto, Korean animation company Seoul Movie and Japanese animation company TMS, as well as a production slate of active projects including:

  • Production of English adaptation of the Japanese animated series LUPIN THE THIRD for Pioneer Entertainment USA. Also, acting as an agent on behalf of Pioneer, phuuz sold the LUPIN series to Cartoon Network.
  • Producing the English adaptation of LUPIN THE THIRD PlayStation game for Japan's Banpresto, a Bandai company.
  • Recently completed independent film JORGE, in association with DPS/Film Roman.
  • phuuz entertainment's principals bring unique strengths and stellar achievements to this new venture. Eric Radomski is producing the series XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN for Warner Bros. Animation airing on Kids' WB! One of the founders of LEVEL13.NET, Film Roman's Internet entertainment site, Radomski shepherded the attitude and direction of this innovative development venture, working closely with young creators from around the world discovering, developing, and producing unique and original properties outside the standard Hollywood model. Two short films developed and showcased on Level 13, HAIRBALLS and TRIPPING THE RIFT, were placed into development at MTV and Sci-Fi Channel respectively.

    While at Warner Bros., Radomski developed and produced BATMAN THE SERIES. He produced and directed the critically acclaimed animation feature MASK OF THE PHANTASM and directed Steven Spielberg's FREAKAZOID. At HBO Animation, Radomski produced and directed two adult series for the cable network: Todd McFarlane's hugely popular SPAWN and Ralph Bakshi's SPICY CITY.

    Japan native Ken Duer has played a key role in series development and numerous animation acquisitions throughout his career with a special expertise in the overseas market. Duer played a key role in the production of Warner Bros.' animated series for more than a decade including classics, such as BATMAN, ANIMANACS, SCOOBY-DOO, FREAKAZOID, TINY TOONS, JOHNNY BRAVO, SYLVESTER AND TWEETY, and SUPERMAN. Career highlights include the building of strategic partnerships with studios in such countries as Japan, Korea, China, Spain, New Zealand, Hungary, England, Canada and Thailand. As an independent producer, he supervised production on the ANIMATRIX DVD, based on the blockbuster movie, THE MATRIX, for Warner Bros. Home Video, Joel Silver Pictures, Eon Entertainment and Japan's Marvelous Entertainment.

    Jay Francis acquired short animated films at Film Roman's LEVEL13.NET for development into television series, direct-to-video features, videogames and Internet programming. As head of Film Roman's talent recruitment program, Francis spearheaded the outreach for young talent while lecturing at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the U.S. He recruited the development and digital artists behind well-known animated programs, such as KING OF THE HILL, MISSION HILL, THE OBLONGS, THE SIMPSONS and X-MEN: EVOLUTION.