phuuz entertainment inc. (pronounced FUSE)
is a California corporation founded in January, 2002.
Ken Duer - President
Former Warner Bros. Animation VP Worldwide Production
Jay Francis - Executive VP Strategic and Business Development
Former Film Roman/LEVEL13.NET General Manager
Eric Radomski - Executive VP Creative Development
Former Creative Director Film Roman, HBO, Warner Bros. Animation
Television, theatrical, video/DVD, internet, video/computer games, mobile phone as well as other traditional and new media markets.
Business Model
phuuz is committed to the underlying proposition that superior content establishes a library with long-term value. While the digital revolution has and continues to alter the development, production, and distribution of entertainment on a world-wide basis, the phuuz strategy is to target the development of its original content at a sophisticated new generation of global consumers whose enthusiasm is focused on the convergence of both new and traditional delivery formats.
Business Description
phuuz is an intellectual property company, developing entertainment content for wireless technology, internet, video/computer games, television, film, comic books, and other traditional and new media formats directed at a worldwide audience. A versatile company, phuuz also offers production supervision, consulting services, program distribution, artist management, and localization of Japanese content.
The phuuz brand and content strategy is targeted at a generation of consumers whose entertainment appetites depend on and are derived from a TiVo, videogame, internet, and mobile phone culture.
Client Roster
phuuz has provided services to an impressive array of industry heavyweights including but not limited to Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Home Video, TV Asahi, Toei Animation, Banpresto, Seoul Movie, TMS Entertainment, MTV, DPS/Film Roman, C2 Pictures, Geneon Entertainment USA, Mutant Enemy Productions, 20th Century Fox Television, Paramount Home Entertainment, Kids WB, and Cartoon Network.